/ My Story


Welcome to my art website!

Here I hope to share with you my love for art, my passion for creating sceneries that will, hopefully uplift and inspire you.

I am a self taught acrylic landscape painter currently living in a quiet little village called Keene, in Ontario Canada, with my husband Ben and my three kiddos (Nathan 11, Emma 9 and Livia 7).

I studied and worked in the field of Biology. I’ve always been curious and inspired about the wonder of nature. Growing up in Quebec, I have lots of beautiful memories of exploring the woods and being by the water. Years later it’s still what I’m drawn towards. Nature in its purest state welcomes lights, details and contrasts of which I explore the smallest details.

''My goal is for you to feel and always remember the peace and beauty of God’s creation through my artwork.  I’m committed to always representing my subject matter truthfully.''


I feel very blessed to be able to create unique pieces of art for people to enjoy all around the world.


Questions or want to say hello drop me an email at: claudiamacdonaldart@gmail.com